1. M

    Question Summary of all numbers List<>

    Hello, I am new here. I am looking for help / hints. I have code to write that counts articles. After entering the code starting with A, do not count the tax, for B it is 8%, for the other codes 23% of the tax (I already have it), but I have a problem summing up these amounts, and the...
  2. M

    Complex list

    Dear C# Experts, I apologize for asking a trivial question. Please, bear with me. I am a beginner with C#. I have to use Varian ESAPi and Velocity API. Both such libraries are programmable in C# with Visual Studio, In the following, I am describing my first hurdle in the hope that someone...
  3. Alexander Freyr

    Resolved Why can't you supply the array to a List<>?

    Since List<> is just a wrapper around an array why can't I supply the array through the constructor? It only allows a collection which is relatively expensive opposed to just handing it an array directly.
  4. Socarsky

    Convert a List<object> to a string[,] 2D array

    I am in a difficulty to convert a List that is class object which populated from database, so far so good to have that list of object but I need its string[,] (2D) array as converted to apply a method which helps to get an print output. private void dateTimePicker1_ValueChanged(object sender...
  5. Jean101

    Dictionary List<>

    I'm having a hard time storing multiple names and degrees to my dictionary list. Im using a menu so user can add multiple names and degrees but only one name and degree saving to my dictionary list, when I click on my menu Show All Students.
  6. R

    Conceptual help Different classes in a single List<>?

    I'm working on a project using a beaglebone/mono and I want to display inputs, outputs, alarms, etc all on a single datagridview. The problem is that the classes for these are quite different. I could just use separate classes and manually fill the DGV but I was thinking there should be a way to...
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