1. E

    Question Help for an Event to detect a change in ListView subitem/cell

    Is there a way to detect when a column cell in the Listview changes and triggers an event to do something else? ie. ListView has 3 columns: item,qty,desc 1,1,item_1 2,2,item_2 3,,3item_3 When any of the of the values in qty column changes, it trigger an event with the row subitem. When row 2...
  2. W

    How to read values from datatable into listview?

    please see the picture, I want to show records in listview as they are saved in table. but with below code it is reading group ids only and showing this in a single line. SqlDataAdapter dataAdap = new SqlDataAdapter(sqlcmd); DataTable data = new DataTable()...
  3. D

    Filtering a listview bound to a datatable

    I have a datatable bound to a listview which displays the output of a SQL select statement. I wish to filter what is displayed in the listview based upon text entered into a textbox above it. I have found numerous examples of filtering listviews in this way but all of them are using hardcoded...
  4. J

    Question I want to get my lisview scroll to the selected item and change the selected item des

    I want to get my listview to scroll to the user selected index and change its appearance. I tired to get this in many ways but nothing worked for me. When I select any item from listview I am able to get the data and index of selected item but the SelectedTemplate apply on previous Index. Don't...
  5. flashkid10

    Listview Check box header

    I currently have a listview that contain 5 columns and atextbox that helps search though the data stored. the search function isworking, but I want to link it to five bools (one for each column) so that Ican search though it faster. how do I attach a checkbox to just the columnheaders (and still...
  6. flashkid10

    Listview SubItem ClickEvent

    I'm current creating an app (POC) that list events, and it is going to have a weekly view (Sun-Sat). when you click on a cell it will do something; I want to send a number at a method called "ShowDetails(int x), how would I tag a number onto a subitem and have it send it when the subitem is...
  7. A

    Set Location of ListView below DataGridView Active Row

    ools: Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Language C#, Database MySql Hi, I am searching this a while, but to date didn't find any suitable solution. I've a form with bound DataGridView with 5 columns, ProductID, ProductName, Qty, Price and Amount. After normal data entry user can click button...
  8. E

    How to open file location from list view item using context menu strip?

    Here is list of things I want to do: Display context menu strip only when mouse is over the item and right clicked on it, the code I have for that is this: private void contextMenuStrip1_Opening(object sender, CancelEventArgs e) { if (listView1.SelectedItems.Count ==...
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