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    Resolved How to make arithmetical operations?

    How to make arithmetical operations in C#? I'm making a calculator, And I don't know what signs needs to be for Addition, Subtraction and Division. if (aritmeticalOperation == "Multiplication") //It can be other operation too. { long num01...
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    Question Help with implementation from TAlex.MathCore library with the derivation Function?

    Hi everyone. I have a little difficulties to implement the derivation Function from the TAlex.MathCore on NuGet library, which is a main part of my self-developed ManyWorld-Theory- QuantumPhysics-Project i am working on a personal interest. My problem is in the From1-File. Can anyone help? Here...
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    Question draw circle

    Hi I want to create function to draw circle put using this : nx = x + r *Math.Sin(th * 22 / 7 / 180); ny = y + r2 *Math.Cos(th * 22 / 7 / 180); and draw them in picture box using SetPixel method.
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    Question Having problems throwing an acception when zero is entered in the form for math

    This is for class, and I do not expect the answer, just pointed in the right direction. The code I have written is correct according to the current point in the class, but I just can not get an exception thrown into the lblResponse.txt when zero's have been entered. If a zero has been entered...
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