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  1. skl2021

    Question Why Memory and ReadOnlyMemory are struct?

    Why the types Memory and ReadOnlyMemory are struct instead of class? As they generally are used on asynchronous calls and are moved to the heap.
  2. T

    Question Freeing unmanaged resources

    In C# would it be good practice to free up unmanaged resources in the destructor for an object ? That way the Garbage Collector will do it and the object has a consistent state ? You could if you needed to have a separate contained object for unmanaged resources ? I'm not sure why you would use...
  3. P

    Rotate Images in a Parallel For

    Hello Everyone . I've come to ask help with a problem that has been annoying me for days. I'm trying to create five images (read TIFFS from the harddisk), rotate and add them to a collection (List<Image<Bgra,byte>>)(Image<Bgra,byte> is an OpenCV Image). However i'm always having memory problems...
  4. C

    Memory Leak with Oracle Insert Statement...

    As my program steps through a dictionary and inserts records, my memory usage creeps up until I get a failure in my code. I am opening my connection to Oracle at the beginning and then just reuse the same connection during the entire process. So, calling the following code with a large insert...
  5. R

    Automatic vs manual memory management

    In C sharp is possible to have two ways of memory management. My question is for automatic use of memory management instead of manual, represents lower performance?
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