1. proxyprochy

    Resolved Unit test result differ in angle calculation between two vectors

    Hello, so I've got some code that works normally in production, but whenever i run test (MSTest), the result differs by 3.2034 degrees, thus the test fails. Based on my calculations, the test calculates wrongly. Any suggestions what might be wrong? For testing purposes, I've hard-coded the...
  2. P

    In MS Test - running parallel tests - sql timeout comes

    I have framework which runs 12 threads parallel - each will have different test but may have to get result from sql connection Doing so - I'm receiving below error - Is there a way where I can do any workaround in my code to make it work without loosing parallel threads <add...
  3. P

    Need help when dealing with Excel Complex Data in MSTest

    Currently, I am fetching data from particular sheet where it matched a "Key" value - But now I want to access data from all sheets where it matches "Key" value In my excel - I have two sheets: LogInUserData and Sheet2 Now in LogInUserData Key Email Password RememberMe LogInSuccessfully...
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