1. A

    Improve MVC code that updates user role

    Hi, Any suggestions on how to improve this code which updates user role (MVC). Thanks [Authorize(Roles = "Administrator")] [HttpPost] public ActionResult EditUser(UserAdminViewModel model) { var result = m_AccountModel.UpdateUser(model); if (result) return...
  2. ahmedaziz

    Question issue when check Resignation requester model properties values it display as null

    0 I work on MVC application . I face issue I can't pass model ResignationRequester properties values to Approve Index action when click approve button . all properties as Request no and employee no load when details page load then I write comment SpeakStuffComment then click approve...
  3. A

    Allow admin to deny or grant user account

    Hi, I have an MVC 5 project where a user can create their account: I'd like not to allow users to self register. Instead I'd like users to request access and an admin can accept or deny that account. Does anyone have a working example ? Thanks.
  4. ahmedaziz

    Question How to return json result true when exist and false when not exist

    I working on mvc csharp i need to make function return json result when branch code exist then return true and if not exist return false so can you help me do this function return json result true or false public JsonResult CheckExist(string BranchCode) { string branches =...
  5. ahmedaziz

    Question Ajax request not return branches drop down List based on company drop down list selected value?

    I working on MVC razor page with .NET core 7 .I face issue Ajax request not return branches drop down list based on selected value from drop down list country . with another meaning I need cascade branch drop down list based on country drop down list by using ajax request . so data display...
  6. A

    Question How to save Personal Picture on Database Table aspnetUser on mvc .net core 5 ?

    I working on core 5 mvc web application , I face issue I can't store Picture User on database table [dbo].[AspNetUsers]. so can you tell me how to store personal picture of user on table [dbo].[AspNetUsers]. I already add new column PictureUser on table [dbo].[AspNetUsers] to store...
  7. MonsterMMORPG

    My C# and ASP.NET Core MVC Lecture Videos

    Hello everyone. My name is Furkan Gözükara. I am a Ph.D. computer engineer from Turkey. I have a software engineering dedicated Youtube channel named: SECourses : I want to share a few of my lecture playlists. The playlists contain the full course for free...
  8. etkmlm

    Question Validation Messages Not Working

    Hi, I have an issue with validation messages. I think the problem is caused by 2 post method. [HttpGet] [Authorize] public ActionResult Others(string bid) { return View(ret); } [HttpPost] public ActionResult...
  9. etkmlm

    Resolved ASP.NET Code First Paradox

    Hi, I'm using MVC5 with .NET 4.6.1. I want to users can follow each other but don't know how can I do this.. I tried these things: public class User { [Key] public int ID { get; set; } public String Avatar { get; set; } public String State { get; set; }...
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