.net 3.1

  1. KlausMichaelson

    Framework Dependent Release Compatibility

    If I simply add netcoreapp6.1 in the targetframeworks which targeted netcoreapp6.1 and build a framework dependent release would it work? or would it break or need to upgrade the entire application?
  2. M

    MVC to MRC (Model Razor Controller)?

    I've been trying to learn .NET Core after first learning the Framework structure. I am still learning regular views, which utilize Razor code, but I'm coming across a lot of Razor page info. Is it now, or will it ever be a structure of Models, Razor Pages, and Controllers? -A curious learner.
  3. LaDulce77

    Nexus and .NET Core

    Does anyone know how to configure their project to pull from a Nexus Re
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