.net core 3.1

  1. R

    Question Read Excel Files and Save into Database

    Hi Guys, I am reading inbox and downloading excel files from a specific e-mail address in a console application. I am saving those excel files by adding unique ids into the file names. Here is the sample code: static void Main(string[] args) { using var client = new...
  2. D

    Question persist object data in C# .net core without static keyword or session

    I am trying to make a object that would suppose to persist data like Name, Standard etc. Once I get the data from db i want to store it to object and want to use it application wide, i tried with DI, but data is not persist, it becomes null.
  3. A

    C# .NET Core Cross-Platform Desktop Application For Windows, Mac, & Linux

    I'm new to using the C# language and .NET Core Framework. I normally used VB.NET with the .NET Framework and coding strictly for Windows Forms applications. If I code in C# using the .NET Core, will I be able to build desktop applications that will be cross-platform to run on Windows, MAC, &...
  4. Subrahamanya Bhatt

    Json Parsing issue

    I am Migrating the web API build in .NET framework to .NET core. while migrating I am facing parsing issue which was handle in .NET framework while JSON parsing in API controller. For E.g I am having a class Test with below properties 1. Public bool IsValid{get; set;} 2. public int[] YearId {...
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