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  1. dv2020

    Question Dispose Objects inside win form within selected tab when closed

    Hi All, Found this forum recently which looks great. This is my first post. I have an application I'm working on which loads a new tab within a tab control when a user selects a date from a data grid. When they select a date, e.g 1/1/2020 a new tab opens within the tabcontrol and the text for...
  2. Y

    Looking for books recommendations to learn specifically about DB using .NET and C#

    Hi All, I'm already a somewhat experienced C# programmer. My experience in the .NET world (besides the knowledge of C# itself) is with WPF, Winforms and some WCF. I wanted your opinion of a good book to learn DB programming using .NET. My primary goal is to learn how to interact with the...
  3. S

    Question Find Organisation Unit has Users has subnode in ActiveDirectory

    I need to find whether a OrganisationUnit has node Users. Below is a sample of ActiveDirectory. For example OU=AHSC is having sub node OU=Users Then i want to copy the Object Name of OU=Users which is something like this - OU=Users,OU=AHSC,DC=sf,DC=sp,DC=edu,DC=sg I want all OU which has...
  4. K

    Flow - new exciting extension for VS

    Hi, check out the new Visual Studio extension called Flow. it automates the process of browsing through Q&A sites (like StackOverflow) and reading exhausting online documentation... It's compatible with any programming language including C#, C++.... download for free...
  5. E

    Looking to hire affordable and Skilled Dot net developers

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