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    How to close a Console application

    I have developed a console application that sort of automates the renaming of RT structures in Radiotherapy clinical trials. I would like the console window to be closed from the program when it reaches the end. I tried many ways (please, see attached excerpts) but the window does not disappear...
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    Resolved How to draw maze from .CSV file?

    Keep in mind I'm still relatively new to both Visual Studio, and C#, but I'm stuck on that seemed like a pretty simple project at first. I'm trying to read specific characters from a .CSV file, and turn it into a maze done with simple rectangles. I've gotten completely stuck, and after a few...
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    Question Customize output in hosted CLR (.NET)

    Hi, I'm hosting CLR in Golang program (but it doesn't matter where). Is the way to configure CLR to capture output from .NET assembly executed in my in-process CLR runtime straight into a file? I run .NET assembly in hosted CLR and I want to capture this output straight to the file (or some buffer).
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