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    Blazor MAUI blank screen on iOS

    I have a Blazor Hybrid MAUI App that works great on Android. However, when I compile my code (both from VS and from dotnet publish in Azure Pipeline) to iOS the app just shows my splash screen and then shows a blank white screen (both on Simulator and on physical iPhone) and nothing more...
  2. D

    Question ScrollView does not scroll unless window is resized in .NET MAUI

    Hi. I am new to .NET MAUI and XAML. I have a scroll view inside a ContentPage and inside the scroll view I have a Vertical Stack Layout with 2 items, a label and a button. <ScrollView> <VerticalStackLayout x:Name="Stack" Spacing="25" Padding="30,0"...
  3. R

    XAML Button - Background Color binding not refreshing when XAML page has changed

    Hi I am developing an App project in VB 2022 with Net MAUI and XAML/C#. I am not able to get the several XAML Buttons to correctly change the background color - the binding of the Button Background color does not appear to work when the XAML page is updated. As I don't know the exact reason...
  4. lynxAi

    How to binding more than one string in a frame, using ObservableCollection

    model: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace PasswordSaver.Models { public class info { public static string[] Text { get; set; } = new string[2]; } } ViewModel: using...
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