1. MYJZ003

    How to pass NUnit test when reading the data from excel file?

    At ExcelReader.cs, I got the code: At ExcelReader_Tests.cs, I have the code: I have the excel file, "Registration_Data.xlsx" and I put in the following: Name | Email | Phone | Password Mark | Testing | 12345678 | M456912 After I run, the result is exited with code 0. How will I solve this...
  2. Sriram

    Answered What are all the possible scenario to write nunit test cases for login page

    I don't have idea about unit testing, what are all the possible scenario for test case to be written for a web application- login page
  3. Sriram

    Can we auto generate nunit test cases in Visual studio 2013

    I have to write nunit test cases for the huge application made of aspx.cs files tat too in Visual studio 2013 professional , can I auto generate the test cases if possible with this version or any other better ideas to write test cases, as it contains more number of dependencies & complexities
  4. Sriram

    Question Nunit testcase Creation & integration

    We need to create nunit test cases for ASP.NET application. For example we need to write a test case for login page do we need to create the test case file within the solution or in different solution & then how we call the source function in the test case file
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