1. clz_199993

    Hiring C# Developer for integration with Bilibili.com

    As title says, I am seeking to hire a C# Developer for integration with Bilibili.com, or a developer that can assist me with the information / endpoints I need. -I need help creating an API Client with their website. -I need access to reading a channel's chat messages and also writing to a...
  2. M

    .NET 5.0 vs Framework 4.8 HTTPRequest oAuth02.

    Hi everybody, I'm working on an app written in .net Framework 4.8 with usage of an API that use OAuth02 to authenticate. And I'm not really familiar with web API in C#. The sample code I received is based on .NET 5.0 and work perfectly. However, when I look at the compatibility of the commands...
  3. R

    Question adding Bearer Token to BasicAuthentication?

    Hi, I have an ASP.Net Web API 2 with BasicAuthenticationAttribute that is working as expected. In my application, there are different controllers and I want to add bearer token-based authentication to one of my controllers. I added those NuGet packages: Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Owin...
  4. Y

    Question Cross domain single-sign-on / social login

    I am looking for someone who can help me with authentication I work with C#.NET 4.5 I have multiple MVC websites, 2 webapi's and a ****load of clients which are javascript based (angular2 ,vue etc etc) and apps. everything (except the apps) are hosted on azure. I want to be able to login using...
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