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  1. I

    Tip How to capture a variable and not to shoot yourself in the foot

    Back in 2005, with the release of C# 2.0 standard we got a possibility to pass a variable to the body of an anonymous delegate by capturing it from the current context. In 2008 the C# 3.0 brought us lambdas, user anonymous classes, LINQ requests and much more. Now it January, 2017 and the...
  2. DracoConstellation

    FYI Analyzing source code of WPF examples by Infragistic and Microsoft

    Good day. WPF is such a unique thing that despite the fact that it is super simple sometime is really confusing (this forum branch is another proof of it) Interestingly enough, even huge companies have a lot of kludges when developing WPF applications. Even in their own examples which seems to...
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