1. Tom Peric

    Question How to Schedule a Job which Running Monthly once to Pump sql server table data to Oracle Table Data

    Hello Everyone, I need to create a job(.Net Framework console project) which needs to run monthly once to insert data from sql server table to oracle source table(which needs to insert every month records into the oracle table) Can someone please let me know any reference to do this kind of...
  2. D

    Scaffolding after install the program

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to do scaffolding after install our program and run it? Is using powershell right way to go to do this? Or what else can I do? I need any advice of you. Thank you.
  3. D

    Run Scaffolding Command in C# Code with Powershell Runspace

    Hi, I need to do scaffolding in code. To do this I wrote this method; public string RunScript(string scriptText) { string dir = @"C:\Users\demetsen\source\repos\ScaffoldingInCode\ScaffoldingInCode"; Directory.SetCurrentDirectory(dir); Runspace...
  4. satya_prakash_nandy

    Answered A quest for key points about OracleCommand class.

    Hello everyone, I am just a beginner in this vast c# world. Hence I want to know why most of the code over the internet had using keyword while creating a new OracleCommand object. Is there is any significant importance? Apart from that I also want to know how to open and dispose of database...
  5. D

    Question How do I map oracle UDT to C# custom type

    I am trying to map a simple Oracle UDT in my c# application. When I try to extract data from DataReader, it throws the following exception: Custom type mapping for 'dataSource='DB' schemaName='C##USER' typeName='MATICNIBROJ_T'' is not specified or is invalid My Oracle UDT is: create or...
  6. EvilJellyDonut

    One Statment One Connection

    I am trying to delete millions of records from Oracle 11G using ODP.NET or DevArt. If I send in 100 delete statements I want them to all execute at the same time. But instead they run in order 1 by 1. I tried using the conventional way open connection execute statement close connection each...
  7. C

    Memory Leak with Oracle Insert Statement...

    As my program steps through a dictionary and inserts records, my memory usage creeps up until I get a failure in my code. I am opening my connection to Oracle at the beginning and then just reuse the same connection during the entire process. So, calling the following code with a large insert...
  8. Fosol

    Visual Studio 2015 RC + Entity Framework 6.1.3 + Oracle ManagedDataAccess 12.1.022

    I'm attempting to develop an application in the new world of Visual Studio 2015 DNX projects. I'm unable to figure out how to get Entity Framework 6.1.3 to connect to Oracle 12c with the Oracle.ManagedDataAccess NuGet Package. I get the following error; "Unable to determine the provider name for...
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