1. flashkid10

    Loading of different panels

    I am making a list manager andIi want to add in a details display on the side. the are many different datatypes being displayed on the main table and for each class of data, I want a different panel to show it's unique specific data. I know of the layering panel method, but I am always tweaking...
  2. U

    Question How to add multiple panels at the same location

    I am trying create an executable to install multiple installers. For that I am creating some screens in Visual Studio and as we click on next button, the elements should hide and new elements should popup. Foe that reason, I am using panels. And all these panels should be on same location to...
  3. M

    Question Transparent Panel disappears when clicking

    Hey guys, I've got a big problem, which many people seems to have: I'm developing a WinForms application which contains a PDF editor. The class containing the AciveXControl is called PdfControl. The PdfControl has a child which is called DrawPanel. Well, the DrawPanel is a transparent panel...
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