1. O

    Question Parsing a string in reverse for computing commands

    I'm sick right now and my head is a little foggy. I'm trying to parse a string containing mathematical "commands" for a calculator. I already have a parser to do simple math operations, but now I want to add stuff like sqrt{}, sin{}, cos{}, etc. So what I am trying to accomplish with this code...
  2. ScuffedItalian1248

    Json Object deserialization issue using Newtonsoft

    I've deserialized a json file using the code below. I then add a new 'object' to that json file named _customData, now when I do this I get the error System.ArgumentException: 'Could not determine JSON object type for type <>f__AnonymousType0`2[System.Object[],System.Object[]].' at the line...
  3. whiteadi

    Question How to get nested complexType parameters for an operation from a SOAP wsdl?

    Having an WSDL and given one operation offered by it I want to parse it and fetch the input parameters for that operation, this example works for me only when there are no nested complex types: How to parse an xsd file which has nested elements(complexType and simpleType elements and...
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