1. skl2021

    Question Why Memory and ReadOnlyMemory are struct?

    Why the types Memory and ReadOnlyMemory are struct instead of class? As they generally are used on asynchronous calls and are moved to the heap.
  2. M

    Iterations - Speed problems

    Hi, I am struggling with speed-issues regarding iterations. My app reads lines from files into memory. Then the strings are processed and the content is condensed and stored in a new file. It is a bit like finding pairs and put everything in common. Information from few lines are insert into a...
  3. A

    .NET Webservice - Performance testing

    Hi, I am working on a .NET web service. It is deployed on IIS 7.5 (Web server is Windows 2008 R2, 64 bit machine, 8 GB RAM) and it is used to send and receive data between client application and web server. I would like to check the performance of the web service if more people are accessing...
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