1. ReCoolCZ

    Question Player and picture boxes updating at different times

    Hello fellow programmers, why is my game updating at different times, even it shouldn´t? Here´s the code: public partial class Form1 : Form { bool goLeft, goRight, jumping, isGameOver; int jumpSpeed; int force; int score = 0; int playerSpeed = 10...
  2. S

    PictureBox doesn't work as expected

    Hello! I am trying to create an application that displays random images from Reddit every X seconds in new Form. Everything seems to be working fine except the PictureBox itself. In order to add the image to the PictureBox I am using PictureBox.LoadAsync() method. The whole process is being run...
  3. R

    Why do I lose mouse events over a picturebox ?

    This is regarding a WinForms application written in c# using .Net 4.7.2. I have a form that has a Top/Down splitter panel. The lower split panel contains Left/Right splitter panel. The Right split panel contains two panels, only one of which is visible at any given time: one...
  4. H

    Question Drag and Drop picture boxes

    Hello. I'm looking for a simple drag and drop game. The main idea is to show some simple mathematic equation like 2+2 and what I want to do is to show 3 random answers (from 1 to 9) where one of them is correct. To answer the equation, I want the picturebox to be dropped into specified square...
  5. C

    BayerBG8 to RBG image and putting in PictureBox

    I am having a lot of trouble converting a BagerBG8 byte array to RGB and then populating the RGB image into a pictureBox. I believe the code below solves the transformation to RGB but I cannot get that new byte array to fit inside the pictureBox. int src_width = 3840; int src_height = 2748...
  6. V

    Question Zoom Image in the PictureBox where user make selection

    Gurus, I have a c# windows form application. There is a PictureBox within a Panel. An image is loaded in the PictureBox. I want the image to be zoomed the area user selects. The user will select by dragging using the left mouse button. What i did is on the mouse down event, i saved the x/y in...
  7. S

    Question Picturebox not refresh when the form is in background (not focus)

    Purpose: Mirror a window of an external process (directx game) by capturing images from this window and presenting the images in a picturebox using a timer. Problem: When my application is in focus, everything happens fine! But if I switch the focus to the Directx Game window the picturebox...
  8. H

    Question Random Circles in Picture Box

    Hello! I would love to know how can i draw circles in random positions but without them getting in the way of each other. I want them to be seperated at least 50 pixels from each other but without them leaving the boundaries of the Picture Box. Please help me out with this i would be so...
  9. A

    Question draw circle

    Hi I want to create function to draw circle put using this : nx = x + r *Math.Sin(th * 22 / 7 / 180); ny = y + r2 *Math.Cos(th * 22 / 7 / 180); and draw them in picture box using SetPixel method.
  10. F

    Save a picture from pictureBox to my PC

    Hi, I have a picture showing in a "pictureBox1" in my program, does anyone know how to save the picture from a "pictureBox" to the PC when a button is pressed?
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