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    How to call InvocationInfo.PSScriptRoot for a PowerShell Module?

    I am teaching myself C# by building a PowerShell module. I want to retrieve the PSScriptRoot property from the InvocationInfo class but it appears to be something that is called indirectly. Does anyone have guidance on a) how to invoke it or b) how to use it to spit out the script root?
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    Scaffolding after install the program

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to do scaffolding after install our program and run it? Is using powershell right way to go to do this? Or what else can I do? I need any advice of you. Thank you.
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    Run Scaffolding Command in C# Code with Powershell Runspace

    Hi, I need to do scaffolding in code. To do this I wrote this method; public string RunScript(string scriptText) { string dir = @"C:\Users\demetsen\source\repos\ScaffoldingInCode\ScaffoldingInCode"; Directory.SetCurrentDirectory(dir); Runspace...
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