1. Polski Arrow

    Cursor glitch in Unity

    Hi, I was writing code for GUI in my Unity game and I started by making just layer for this. I wanted to test script showing and hiding cursor after clicking Tab and cursor was showing and hiding many times per second. This is code fragment responsible for this function: if (openinventory)...
  2. MegasXLR

    Random.Next() never returning the number 0

    Hello everyone, I'm kind of new to C# in general (only made a few console apps around two years ago) and am making a Random Number Generator app for Windows. Everything works perfectly except one thing: Whenever I enter 0 as the lower bound and tick the checkbox to include it (so the result can...
  3. Xhalite

    Question Enter number, nothing happens?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to C#. I'm working on my computer science major and the only language I can safely say that I know fairly well is python (Though I have done stuff with C++ and Java). I chose C# because I like Windows and it looked like a good hybrid between Java and C++. Anyway, I had...
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