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    Answered Dialogue with CLI Process

    Hi everyone, I want to run a process in the windows console, after that, I want to pass (with button click) some commands and see the result in a RichTextBox. I’m able to launch the program and read the responses after starting, but when I’m trying to send any commands, it doesn’t work. I’m...
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    Run processes sequentially within BackgroundWorker

    Having trouble running multiple processes one after another from within backgroundworker First processes, regardless which one I put as first seems to run, however nothing occurs afterwards. Please excuse my ignorant, I cant seem to find what I am looking for, Wondering if someone can shed...
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    Question Why is "net use" being so strange?

    Hey, I'm trying to use a "net use" command that I use to disconnect from all network paths, but when I use it in C# it doesn't do anything. And when I try to run "net use" separately and not pass all the other arguments I noticed that it returns text as if I had no network paths, but when I run...
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