1. R

    Resolved Prohibit the creation of an object

    Hello everyone. Let's imagine a situation that I have a class inside which there is a property. The property does not equate the value of a variable if the length of the incoming value is greater than the specified condition. public class Book { string bookDescription = null...
  2. PJ33

    How to use documentation of library/fo-dicom

    Hello I am new in C# and reading the documentation seems difficult. I am trying to use fo-dicom library and I am experimenting now. For example given the below lik I try to implement the code What I did is adding: using...
  3. J

    Answered Understanding properties

    Can anybody help a real newb understand the purpose of propertise? :) I understand that they are used to access and update private fields. But isn’t that what I am doing with constructors already? Aren’t I setting the values for fields in another class through the constructor? Many thanks...
  4. H

    Refresh PropertiesWindow by program at Designtime

    Hi collegues. I have spent a lot of hours to find out how I could achieve my goal, but i have not come any nearer :-( So maybe you have another idea. What is the situation? I have made a form, a very easy form with nothing on it. This is the code: using System; using...
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