1. gulshan212

    Hangman Game Program Error

    Hello this is Gulshan Negi Well, I am writing a program for making Hangman Game in Python but it shows some error at the time of its execution. Here is my source code: import random def select_word(): words_in_computer_memory = ['magazine','stars','computer','python','organisation']...
  2. Chiavarini

    How to extend authentication for a C#/.NET web app to Django project?

    I have a C#/.NET web site with SAML authentication implemented on it. In a page of this web site, I put a link for another web site, made in Python-Django, and I need to implement the same authentication system. So, it's like I want to extend the same authentication to Django website (same IAM)...
  3. A

    Is this possible to use IronPython .net with docx2pdf python package?

    I need to convert docx files to pdf files. Or bytes of docx file from a database to pdf file and download it. There is no free nuget packages to resolve my issue. But there is one package from python language I can use and it s name is docx2pdf. Nuget space has IronPython . net package, but this...
  4. D

    Is anyone here using C# for Data Analysis?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here using C#/.NET for data analysis ? i would like to hear their best practices. I know there are some more popular (or better?) options like Python or R out there but i would like to use C# to improve my knowledge on that more instead of learning something...
  5. Y

    Question Python httpServ.request in C# - HttpWebRequest ?

    Hi, New to this and need some help... I’m struggling with converting Python code to C#, I have this line in the Python code and I’m not sure how to implement it in C#: self.httpServ.request('GET', '/loadinst.cgi'%cmd_type, "<EEX Ver='1.0'><CMD type=%s /></EEX>" % cmd) Wireshark looks like...
  6. Xhalite

    Question Enter number, nothing happens?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to C#. I'm working on my computer science major and the only language I can safely say that I know fairly well is python (Though I have done stuff with C++ and Java). I chose C# because I like Windows and it looked like a good hybrid between Java and C++. Anyway, I had...
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