1. R

    Just starting, looking for some pointers

    Hey, I recently wanted to get back into programming, but my only experience was simple Java and python from my school classes, the farthest we really went was covering the basics such as syntax, but I'd like some pointers or good resources to learn C# as it's the language I'm really interested...
  2. H

    Resolved Do variables retain their adjusted values after a loop?

    For example int g = 1 while (g <= 10) { Console.WriteLine(g); g++; } Will the 'g' variable stay 10 for any code past the while loop or will it return to its original value of 1? Curious about bool/string/etc values as well.
  3. R

    Question Would It Be Possible to Solve a Maze of This Kind With Some Form of Algorithm?

    What would be the easiest way to make an automatic solver for a maze drawing program like this, if it's even possible? All help is greatly appreciated.
  4. hakdmodz

    Help request for working with string array foreaching

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right section for posting a help request but hopefully someone can help me out. What is the best way to do a foreach loop to get each item from a string array and fill increasing indexed item of different string array example and my guess as to how i figure it...
  5. V1ck

    script cannot convert int?

    rSimple script i don't get the problem
  6. H

    Question Drag and Drop picture boxes

    Hello. I'm looking for a simple drag and drop game. The main idea is to show some simple mathematic equation like 2+2 and what I want to do is to show 3 random answers (from 1 to 9) where one of them is correct. To answer the equation, I want the picturebox to be dropped into specified square...
  7. R

    Resolved Help with a logical programming task

    Hi. I need your help with a small logic problem. The essence of the task: There are numbers from 1 to N, N = 50, you need to divide the numbers into several groups so if one number is divided by another, then these numbers fall into different groups. The result of this partition is M groups...
  8. M

    Resolved Value types and reference types

    Hi everyone, First question here... If I'm correct, String is a reference datatype, right? See my code below: String nameOne = "Matthew"; String nameTwo = nameOne; nameOne = "Andrew"; In the end, I should expect both nameOne and nameTwo to be Andrew...
  9. M

    Resolved How to Implement DbSet and DbContext in Service-Repository Architecture?

    I am updating my .NET Core web app from just MVC to a Service-Repository pattern. My question is, how do you implement DbSet<> when you add the Service and Repository layers? I originally added these to my ApplicationDbContext file under the Data folder. Is this still correct? Then would I just...
  10. T

    Debug-Only Code Without Duplication

    I'm trying to write something similar to the existing Debug class that allows clients to explicitly verify pre- and post-conditions of their methods. For example, to check a precondition that the input variable to a method is not equal to 0, one would use Expects.IsGreaterThan(input, 0), and...
  11. K

    Question Small windows form/ colsole app application

    I doing a project that uses C# to create an application that will save student records and allow students to sign into the system and add classes to a timetable.
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