1. ahmedaziz

    How to call stored procedure procedure using entity framework core?

    I work on asp.net core entity framework I have csharp function done using ado dotnet stored proceure i need to convert it using entity framwork core with another meaning how to call stored proceure using entity framework core 6 and i don't need to use ado dotnet stored procedure so How to...
  2. ahmedaziz

    Question error 404() when try to make ajax request with type post to function OnPostshiftDataUp

    I work on asp.net razor , i get error when try make ajax request to access OnPostshiftDataUp ERROR : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 () console.log(formdata) // serialize data...
  3. ahmedaziz

    Question How to get response details after success login razor page ?

    I work on asp.net razor page Login user name and password . I call Web API validate user name and password . my issue I face it I can't receive data returned after login success JSON data returned from web API after success login username and password { "message": "success"...
  4. ahmedaziz

    Question How to get list of checkboxes not checked on page model razor page?

    I working on razor page with .NET core 7 . my mainly issue How to pass unchecked checkboxes from html page to page model on post method ? so If I have group of checkboxes not checked so I need to pass it to page model as List on post method when submit form so user click submit button then on...
  5. O

    Creating a datatable in Razor PAge

    Hello, I want to create a data table in razor page. The datatable I want to create is available in the attached image. I want to do this without MVC. This table will be connected to a database. The data we create from here will be published on the website and will stay in the data base.
  6. R

    Question Razor page pops up on a window

    Hello guys, I have an ASP.Net MVC application. There is this Stock.cshtml page that opens on a popup! I couldn't figure out how this happens, any help would be appreciated. Popup screenshot When I hit the purchase button on the StockSales.cshtml, the StockAsyncTask action triggered in the...
  7. etkmlm

    Question Validation Messages Not Working

    Hi, I have an issue with validation messages. I think the problem is caused by 2 post method. [HttpGet] [Authorize] public ActionResult Others(string bid) { return View(ret); } [HttpPost] public ActionResult...
  8. M

    MVC to MRC (Model Razor Controller)?

    I've been trying to learn .NET Core after first learning the Framework structure. I am still learning regular views, which utilize Razor code, but I'm coming across a lot of Razor page info. Is it now, or will it ever be a structure of Models, Razor Pages, and Controllers? -A curious learner.
  9. I

    Add form in View at runtime

    i want a form containing a text bar to appear when comment is clicked <li><a href="#" id="comment">Comment</a></li> I couldnt do it using razor so I tried writing a Jquery script <script type="text/javascript"> $('#comment').click(function () { $('div#txtcmd').html...
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