1. N

    Question For Loop preventing Dictionary search from Jumping file to file

    I want to check each dictionary procedurarly. When I use this: for (int i = 0; i <= 7; i++); It is jumping from Dictionary to Dictionary looking for matches without allowing one Dictionary to complete its search first. I want it to prevent it from jumping from dictionary to Dictionary...
  2. M

    Question Search for strings by its partial name?

    So i'm doing some practice exercises and i came across the issue. Lets say we have entered a string : "My name is Tod", "My life is hard", "Do you even lift bruh?". so what i'm asking is what kind of code should it be so that if i type "Tod" in my "search" it would find that string?
  3. NewGhost

    Question Search and binding data from datagridview

    I used this code but I only can binding. cann't search, When I have a littel edit, it only search. I want both, How must I do? Thankyou! privatevoid binding() { // luoihang.CurrentRow.Cells["TenHang"].Value; lbl_iMaDia.DataBindings.Clear()...
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