1. P

    Question How to use aspect oriented programming concept in custom attributes to avoid writing try catch in methods

    Hello Team, In my tests, I want to introduce exception handling and if exception occurs, then to log error in extent report - So for that I'm thinking if I can use attribute using aspect oriented concept, but the only issue I'm facing is how do I access the logger, which is mentioned in...
  2. P

    Not able to click on checkbox

    Hello Everyone, I have one html form which has label with checkbox option but also has "a" tag, so with the XPath instead of clicking on checkbox it clicks on link attached to that label HTML Element <div class="form-group"> <label for="chkTermAndCondition">...
  3. P

    How to access values from 2 datatable as tabel1.tabel2.columnname in C#

    I have one test data model and one excel book which has multiple sheets! all the sheet is having the same unique key "Test1" and I have a function which fetches all the data from all sheets having that key name "Test1" Now after join - I get one table having all the column name and values But...
  4. PRoshan

    Question even if the assert fails the execution should carry on

    I want a design pattern which could help me resolve the problem that even if one of the assert statement fails in the test case the rest should work. I know people would say write individual test cases, but its integration testing I want to use the unique id generated in the first step for...
  5. D

    VS 2015 - Running Unit tests from cmd line, problems with initializing chromedriver

    First of all: The unit tests in this case are functional tests using Selenium Webdriver. The reason for this is that I like the VS unit test framework, and find it easy to organize the solution with separate projects for the actual automation and the tests. This is a framework which is...
  6. M

    Using ExtentReports in Visual Studio

    Hi, Can anyone give me some advice on this please? I'm completely new to c# and VS but have some programming background. I'm trying to learn Selenium Extent Reports and have took this code example to understand how it works. When I use NuGet to instal extent reports in VS it shows it as...
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