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  1. Wrobb

    Question Serial Communication - Device name instead of COM number

    We try to create a personal controller by using a arduino. So we have to use the COM port. Up to now we have to name manually. That sucks. Is there a way to use the device name or similar instead of the COM number?
  2. A

    Question Filtering scanned MAC address and display in textbox or listbox without duplication

    I am working on a tool that connected to my Bluetooth receiver and scan and get MAC address of BLE devices. So far I can scan and have the mac address continuously display in textbox. I am having problem with filtering MAC address?(Our assigned MAC address 88 99 66 55 4X XX the last 12 bit is...
  3. A

    Excel. Output Data Via Serial Port.

    Hello, I need assistance in creating a program which has 2 serial ports with 2 different functions. 1: Input Serial data 4 bits long from Serial port number 1 (RX) to Excel. 2: To then Output a string of data 16 bits long taken from Excel to a Serial port number 2 (TX) Thank you
  4. M

    How to solve IOException ?

    I have a Vantage Pro2 which is weather instruments system. My communication with it is by serial port. When I command to it, it gives back me an acknowledgment character and 99 bytes array of data. But after some minutes I get the following error: IO Exception was unhandled An...
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