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    Question Filtering scanned MAC address and display in textbox or listbox without duplication

    I am working on a tool that connected to my Bluetooth receiver and scan and get MAC address of BLE devices. So far I can scan and have the mac address continuously display in textbox. I am having problem with filtering MAC address?(Our assigned MAC address 88 99 66 55 4X XX the last 12 bit is...
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    Question how to control servo with leap motion using serial?

    hi i am new to C# and can i get some help about how to control servo with leap motion using serial. i am not very good at C# and i don't know where else to ask about something like this. sorry if my question is too short.
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    Can Serial.Open() report open yet delay the actual opening?

    I've got a strange problem on one PC. My application uses the code below to open the port. For some reason the program doesn't report any problems but my writes report the port not open several times then I see a port open message just before the application locks up. It's fine on my production...
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