1. selimsoydann

    Question browser closed time session clear

    hello I have a code like the one below. Here I want the session cleared as soon as the browser is closed. But when I close the browser, the script works, it goes to function, it runs my code. I am still logged in when I open the browser again. Can you help me. <script type="text/javascript">...
  2. Y

    Question Web application did not enforce a content security policy

    Hi I Have a Security Issue on my Web Application. My ASP.NET Web application did not enforce a content security policy. This could potentially allow an attacker to insert malicious, executable content into the application's responses. CSP is currently supported by most modern browsers, with the...
  3. A

    Redirect logout page if session has expired and link to Login again

    Hi , I am working on a ASP.NET website. I am redirecting the users to logout page if the session has expired. In the page load of Logout page, I am clearing all the session variables. I want to redirect the users to login page from logout page on click on a link. I am checking...
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