1. Kostakis45

    Resolved Shortcut

    Hello Everyone.Following this turtorial video to create a setup wizard for my program I stumbled upon a problem.Though I managed to make setup wizard when I try to run the main program through the created shortcut it won't run. When i run the installation wizard it doesn't seem to installing the...
  2. L

    Question Folder browsing during setup

    Hi, I'm new here and my problem is easily explained. If I create a setup project with VS2019 the graphic for the folder browsing during the setup is pretty old like it's Win95, I'd rather have one more "good-looking", perhaps one that adapts on the O.S. like the openfile dialog window. Also, one...
  3. J

    my setup file won't run on another computer!

    hi dear friends I have made a c# project but I can't create it's setup files :( I've used some different components in my project like DevExpress components. when I create a setup file, it doesn't run on another computer! What's the problem and how to fix it?? I'm using Installshield and...
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