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    Tip Looking for a great technical writing software on Windows?

    Dear all, This is with great pleasure that we announce a black friday to cyber monday special 40% discount on all editions of HelpNDoc starting now and until Monday. HelpNDoc is an easy to use yet powerful help authoring tool producing CHM help files, HTML and mobile WebSites, Word DocX and...
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    Question Sip webphone in How to get started?

    Hello,I started a simple static website not so long ago to boost my business. But I'm already tired of those annoying calls coming from telemarketers. And I noticed that most customers regret the money for phone calling.For this reason, I though I try the webphone technology to let my website...
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    Codec priority settings for softphone

    I'm working on a SIP softphone but I got the following problem and I have no idea how to solve it:During an audio call, PMCA codec is used primarily. How to setup codec priority to achieve PCMU will be used during the call?I use Windows 7, C# (Visual Studio), Ozaki C# SIP library and the...
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