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  1. MelodyS

    Text-Speech in C# and ReactJS

    Hello, I want to implement a text-to-speech feature in my website. I want to get the text from the front end and using a text-speech library in C# I want to display the voice of the text. I tried System.Synthesis but I have to download the languages on my desktop . I want a library that...
  2. T

    Question Voice Recognition and Speech to Text

    Hi, today I decided to branch out in order to get more information. Let's say you're singing a song and you want other people to see the words you are singing on screen. What is the easiest way to go about making something like this? Reference of other programs that have done something similar...
  3. J

    Question Speech Recognition dll

    I'm really really new to c# and have been trying to make a Speech Recognition dll for GM studio to use in my game, GM studio is compiled in c++ so after I made a work speech to text program, I tried to do so but without the GUI interface...and it doesn't work, It keeps throwing error in...
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