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    Split string with a text qualifier

    Hello All. This is my first post, I'm new to C#. I would like to spilt the below string. My delimiter => ";" and each part is in double quotes. string myLine = "John Smith"; "A"; "45", "Nearly done; follow up"; My expected output: John Smith A 45 Nearly done; follow up I tried to go with...
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    Resolved Does documentation claim you can split Strings on Strings?

    I don't understand what I am reading wrong... According to this section of the documentation, Strings should be able to be split using a second String as the seperator. The documentation says: However, when I actually attempt this, the code fails and throws an error, claiming that the...
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    formating the buffer input from a serial port?

    hello, i have a program where i read a list of values from an energy meter through a serial port. to read the buffer i use the ReadExisting() method. my problem is that the words in the second column have different length each raw so the list is not orginized well: I am looking for a way...
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