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    Insert with Calculation

    I want to insert into select from Table1 to Table2 If the DeptName is xx, the record should be inserted twice with no entry for the location, FederalTax, CountyTax and PropertyRatio Table1 has no constraints Table2 has EmpNo with Identity seed Below are the calculations for Amount paid for...
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    after add feature name and feature value query execution result take too much time ?

    I work on SQL Server 2014 and my issue occurred after displaying Feature Name and Feature Value separated by $. When executing the query below after adding Feature Name and Feature Value with stuff it became very slow. How to enhance it? Before adding the two stuff statements it took 28...
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    Hi guys just have a question regarding parameterized queries.

    Initially I was concatenating my SQL queries, i was then informed that it would be best to use parameterized queries to prevent SQL Injection. I've now done that and everything works fine, however when posting on a forum yesterday about one of my queries not working properly, a person told me...
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    How do I optimise the query

    Hello folks, I have prepared one query, but I feel this can be even more optimised! But I'm not sure what can be done Query SELECT TOP 10 * FROM ( SELECT co.orderid, co.orderStatusId, co.paymenttransactionstatusid, ( SELECT...
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    SQL to build point arrays

    Hi I have a link and a node SQL Server table as below. I need to build a number of lines using the node and link tables. Non-vertex nodes denote end points of the line. In C# I possibly need build a dictionary of coordinates for each line. Any suggestions what would be the best way to...
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