1. S

    SQLite Insert Into

    I keep getting "Insufficient parameters supplied to the command" exception when running the code below. I have tried several versions of code with the same result. Searching on line has given me hundreds of examples of this exception, but they have all been simply typos or they used another of...
  2. R

    Question why am i getting insufficient parameters supplied to the command error

    i have trying to read a database and display it into a datagridview but i keep getting the error private void nameSearch() { using (SQLiteCommand cmd = connAccount.CreateCommand()) { connAccount.Open(); try { connAccount = new...
  3. Kamen

    Resolved How do I prevent or solve 'database is locked' error in sqlite?

    Hello, everyone. I have some problems in c# SQLite data update and creating. I'm using SQLite as a database in my c# windows form application. By the way, sometimes I've got a "database is locked" error in SQLite, when I try to insert or update data. While searching the way on google, I got know...
  4. N

    [SQLite] File sharing violation

    Hello, My C# application using Sqlite DB to store data. As I know this db allows multiple read at the same time, but only one write at a time. I want to run multiple instances of the same app and each one will read from the same db file. and here is the error that I get: error happens when...
  5. C

    Question image file locked????

    Hi!!! Somebody knows whats the problem???? If i remove OpenFileDialog and pass the string direct pathDiskCover = @"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\someImage.jpg"; it works fine. private void toolStripButton2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { OpenFileDialog...
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