1. R

    Question why am i getting insufficient parameters supplied to the command error

    i have trying to read a database and display it into a datagridview but i keep getting the error private void nameSearch() { using (SQLiteCommand cmd = connAccount.CreateCommand()) { connAccount.Open(); try { connAccount = new...
  2. Kamen

    Resolved How do I prevent or solve 'database is locked' error in sqlite?

    Hello, everyone. I have some problems in c# SQLite data update and creating. I'm using SQLite as a database in my c# windows form application. By the way, sometimes I've got a "database is locked" error in SQLite, when I try to insert or update data. While searching the way on google, I got know...
  3. N

    [SQLite] File sharing violation

    Hello, My C# application using Sqlite DB to store data. As I know this db allows multiple read at the same time, but only one write at a time. I want to run multiple instances of the same app and each one will read from the same db file. and here is the error that I get: error happens when...
  4. C

    Question image file locked????

    Hi!!! Somebody knows whats the problem???? If i remove OpenFileDialog and pass the string direct pathDiskCover = @"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\someImage.jpg"; it works fine. private void toolStripButton2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { OpenFileDialog...
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