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    Filtering out required records from a flat file and merging multiple records into one output record

    Hope Everyone is doing fine. I'm still new to C# coding and was hoping someone may have already had a similar requirement and could point me in the right direction. I had originally posted this question in an SSIS forum but am now thinking it may make more sense to and see if this could be...
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    SSIS Job failing when accessing DB connection parameter

    I have a SSIS package that is trying to load the information from a csv file into a SQL Server table. The DB Connection is defined as an ADO.NET connection and I have parameterized the connection string. See the screenshots below. Below is the code snippet that I am using to establish...
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    Senior c# Software Developer in Italy (Bologna)

    Senior c# Software Developer Global E-commerce company is searching for a senior c# Software Developer. The successful candidate will be responsible for modeling, developing and maintaining applications and services for the evolution of the E-commerce platform, in particular: ...
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