1. yrstruly

    C# in Script Task of SSIS

    I am running C# in SSIS Script Task to convert an Excel to CSV. I have modified a code that is working, which is: #region Help: Introduction to the script task /* The Script Task allows you to perform virtually any operation that can be accomplished in * a .Net application within the context of...
  2. B

    Resolved SSIS Send JSON Data HTTPClient

    Good morning, I have a folder full of json format files which need to be sent via C# inside a script task inside SSIS to an API. The SSIS will loop through (foreach it setup) and send each file. Below is the format of all the files(all same format but different values etc)...
  3. B

    Resolved SSIS POST JSON to API

    Good morning, I have some JSON format files and have a requirement to POST these to an API using C# inside SSIS, payloads are sent via HTTPS. The payloads are to be sent with the Content-Type header of "application/json" and the UserAPI-Key header. Successful requests can return 200 and 201...
  4. ahmedaziz

    Question How to use sql server integration service to transfer data from db2 database to sql server database ?

    I have two servers one server have sql server database and another server have db2 database I need to read data from db2 database on server A then after read it insert it into sql server database that exist on server B I use sql server 2017 so can you give me How to create ssis package to...
  5. E

    Filtering out required records from a flat file and merging multiple records into one output record

    Hope Everyone is doing fine. I'm still new to C# coding and was hoping someone may have already had a similar requirement and could point me in the right direction. I had originally posted this question in an SSIS forum but am now thinking it may make more sense to and see if this could be...
  6. P

    SSIS Job failing when accessing DB connection parameter

    I have a SSIS package that is trying to load the information from a csv file into a SQL Server table. The DB Connection is defined as an ADO.NET connection and I have parameterized the connection string. See the screenshots below. Below is the code snippet that I am using to establish...
  7. P

    Senior c# Software Developer in Italy (Bologna)

    Senior c# Software Developer Global E-commerce company is searching for a senior c# Software Developer. The successful candidate will be responsible for modeling, developing and maintaining applications and services for the evolution of the E-commerce platform, in particular: ...
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