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    Resolved Procedure or function sp_updateItems has too many arguments specified.

    I want to update the price of items in the database. I am extracting a list of items from another list( of class type having other information also). After that I am sending it(item number) one by one as a stored procedure parameter to get the price updated. But I am getting a Procedure or...
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    Resolved when null flag updated and conflict flag updated on SQL query statement?

    I work on SQL server 2012 .really I don't understand what statement below do updatedand when when NullFlag updated and when conflict flag updated can you explain to me according to sample below <code> result of query data details rows without grouping : Masked_ID DocumentID PartID NULLCount...
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    Question How to add column column unitmeasure dynamically based on Flag Allow is 1?

    How to add column column unit dynamically when Flag Allow is 1 on table #nonparametric table ? I work on SQL server 2012 I can't add column unit dynamically when Flag Allow=1 as example below I have two rows have Flag Allow=1 family 90AM will be family 90 and family unit AM on two column...
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    Question How to call a stored procedure in a method to get the result in an array list?

    I need to call a stored procedure in one method to get the data and display it in one column of html table. the rest of columns are displayed by another methods and actionresults. (it's a mvc repository application). right now I can show the result of stored procedure in grideview, each column...
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