1. E

    Question Help for an Event to detect a change in ListView subitem/cell

    Is there a way to detect when a column cell in the Listview changes and triggers an event to do something else? ie. ListView has 3 columns: item,qty,desc 1,1,item_1 2,2,item_2 3,,3item_3 When any of the of the values in qty column changes, it trigger an event with the row subitem. When row 2...
  2. flashkid10

    Listview SubItem ClickEvent

    I'm current creating an app (POC) that list events, and it is going to have a weekly view (Sun-Sat). when you click on a cell it will do something; I want to send a number at a method called "ShowDetails(int x), how would I tag a number onto a subitem and have it send it when the subitem is...
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