1. M

    C++ Template in C#

    I have a template in C++ that looks like this: template<typename T> static void initStruct(T* t) { memset(t, 0, sizeof(T)); t->member1 = [something]; } Note that T can be different kind of structs and each one has "member1" but the size for each struct can be different.
  2. SteinTheRuler

    Question support multiple Project Types in custom item template

    I've created a custom item template. The ProjectType is CSharp and I can select it when I add a new item to a class library, but not ASP.NET Core projects. All the documentation I found didn't cover if it's possible to support multiple project types. I've tried "CSharp, Web" without luck...
  3. T

    "No static 'Main' method" error when running Unit Test project

    I'm trying to setup a test framework in Sharpdevelop (open source and leightweight alt. to Visual Studio), but there's this guide where the creator is using Visual Studio. He first creates a new project, called WordpressAutomation and a Class Library with the following code in it: Using...
  4. M

    Question Document templates library

    Hi, I´m currently working in a engine for making documents based on templates like MS Word docx or dotx document does it, but I´m wondering if there is any component or library that already does that (well at least with docx, dotx, rtf, txt, html). No matter if is a paid component. Thank you.
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