1. SteinTheRuler

    Question support multiple Project Types in custom item template

    I've created a custom item template. The ProjectType is CSharp and I can select it when I add a new item to a class library, but not ASP.NET Core projects. All the documentation I found didn't cover if it's possible to support multiple project types. I've tried "CSharp, Web" without luck...
  2. T

    "No static 'Main' method" error when running Unit Test project

    I'm trying to setup a test framework in Sharpdevelop (open source and leightweight alt. to Visual Studio), but there's this guide where the creator is using Visual Studio. He first creates a new project, called WordpressAutomation and a Class Library with the following code in it: Using...
  3. M

    Question Document templates library

    Hi, I´m currently working in a engine for making documents based on templates like MS Word docx or dotx document does it, but I´m wondering if there is any component or library that already does that (well at least with docx, dotx, rtf, txt, html). No matter if is a paid component. Thank you.
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