1. gulshan212

    Question A/B Testing or System Testing

    Hello this is Gulshan Negi Well, nowadays I am learning about A/B testing and System testing but according to this post, system testing is reffered as software testing which is more important than A/B testing, can anyone give their suggestion on this that is system testing is also reffered as...
  2. naraomur

    504 Gateway Timeout: STRANGE!!! while server accepting the file into DB the response is not making it to the Client

    I have service that uploads and parses line by line into DataTable and records it via SQL bulk copy into the DB. Locally this service works fine with overall implementation in 20 secs and in LAN dev server takes a little longer in 46 secs. But when I run it on test server (the server for...
  3. Automation23

    Question Need help with adjusting the existing method

    Hello everyone! I am doing mobile automation and facing some difficulties. Currently, I have a test that selects specific programs(behavioral health) and collects data for them. [Test] [TestCase("App", "Only goals", "test duration", "Baseline to Teaching - Frequency_V2"...
  4. Automation23

    How to properly open SQL connection with a using statement and do basic data validation?

    Hello! I am new to database testing. I am doing mobile automation and I need to validate sent data in the database. I am trying to write a method that will open the db connection, do some implementation, and then close it. I need a method to return a value but I am stuck with it. So far I have...
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