1. SiamIT

    Multithreading Throws Files Is In Use Excepton

    Greetings.. i am using following codes to run multiple threads at a time to get data from different links and save the data to different file as well. As the file name/path is different for each loop? i don't understand why it throws following exception: The process cannot access the file...
  2. T

    Question Running a dll file in a new thread?

    Hello there everyone! I have created a simple dll file that will sleep for 5 seconds then show a message and repeat. I want to call in my .exe program my dll in a new thread and run it constantly. So something around: Thread t = new Thread();"Test.dll"); Or something around there...
  3. C

    Question Thread- Local Storage

    Hi Team, I have Task in Threading, The Scenario is: i have a multiple threads and they are returning a value. i have to store each thread returned value, once all the thread is completed. finally i consolidated it store all thread value and make single string. for that i'm using "Thread- Local...
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