1. Giacomo

    Timer object handler's method is not executed

    I need to attribute the value false to the boolean property _show after 3 seconds But the value doesn't change public void hiderefreqConfirmPopUp(Object source, ElapsedEventArgs e)//this is the handler of te Timer method { //eventhandler _show = false; } private...
  2. ReCoolCZ

    Question Player and picture boxes updating at different times

    Hello fellow programmers, why is my game updating at different times, even it shouldn´t? Here´s the code: public partial class Form1 : Form { bool goLeft, goRight, jumping, isGameOver; int jumpSpeed; int force; int score = 0; int playerSpeed = 10...
  3. P

    Question System.Windows.Forms.Timer issue

    Hello Everyone. This is my first post here. I'm having a very weird issue using Timers. My elapsed event isn't firing ; when it fires its completely random, not according to the interval i set. I already tried to drag the timer from the toolbox to the form, creating it manually on the STA...
  4. Monger

    Console Timer

    Ok for some reason I can't wrap my head around this just finished a basic C# class and I'm trying to get ahead of the game and learn some stuff and explore some options. I have my project that I want to add a timer each Potion : Item but, also follow some oop and inheritance concepts but I can't...
  5. mvthakar

    Question System.Windows.Forms.Timer does not work in Release Mode but works in Debug Mode,why?

    Hello folks, First Post. I'm using Visual Studio 2012 Express and .NET Framework 4.0. As mentioned in Thread Title, (System.Windows.Forms.)Timer works fine in Debug Mode but does not work in Release Mode. I googled it and found it might be getting collected by Garbage Collector (GC). If it is...
  6. G

    Question Excel automation run macro

    Hi If i make mistakes in posting this I apologize in advance. I am new to this forum. Before I begin I am a beginner in C# I went through some web videos in two days and wrote this script (below). Objective: The Script has to monitor a particular folder, if the folder contains a file...
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