1. SiamIT

    Generate Specific Printer Binary Data!

    Greeting, i am not sure if my title is perfect/good to understand.. but still here is the scenario.. there is a 3rd party software that save the selected printer on Printer setup dialog into registry.. but not in a very common way like the printer name, instead they save some hex/bin data to...
  2. A

    Question Unicode (utf16) to win-1251

    Hi. I'm trying to decode string from unicode (utf-16) to windows-1251. string b = "Ó382ÍÎ76"; Encoding win1251 = Encoding.GetEncoding(1251); byte[] uniByte = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(b); textBox1.Text = win1251.GetString(uniByte); On microsoft doc said that "GetString(Byte[]) When overridden...
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