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    Question What do i have to make this Code Testable

    Hey guys, so i'm sitting here actually for hours now trying to figure out, how i can make my Code testable, i'm pretty new to C# so i don't have really any knowledge and would appreciate some help! So this is my current code. My Instructor told me that i have to create a new Method that is...
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    Question Why Are Unit Tests Not Working?

    Hi there! I am new in town! I will start off with this Visual Studio problem and see where things go from there. Hopefully, I will visit these forums many times to come. I have a Windows 10 Pro PC here, and the latest build of Visual Studio 2017 Community edition. The problem is that I cannot...
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    "No static 'Main' method" error when running Unit Test project

    I'm trying to setup a test framework in Sharpdevelop (open source and leightweight alt. to Visual Studio), but there's this guide where the creator is using Visual Studio. He first creates a new project, called WordpressAutomation and a Class Library with the following code in it: Using...
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