unit testing

  1. proxyprochy

    Resolved Unit test result differ in angle calculation between two vectors

    Hello, so I've got some code that works normally in production, but whenever i run test (MSTest), the result differs by 3.2034 degrees, thus the test fails. Based on my calculations, the test calculates wrongly. Any suggestions what might be wrong? For testing purposes, I've hard-coded the...
  2. T

    Can I run Unit Tests in realtime form applications?

    I want to build a testing system for my applicaiton. I am trying to read sensor data from arduino and using form apps for get and process the data. For example, I want to measure my sensor data for 30 minutes and see the values are correct or not. I have heard Unit tests but I am new in those...
  3. Gilmore

    Disable all unit testing

    I am running Visual Studio Professional 2019 Version 16.11.2 I have an older project with perhaps 100 objects. VS suddenly started asking me to run Unit Tests. Although I understand the virtue of such testing, I just want to make some simple changes and am not interested in creating a bunch of...
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