unmanaged dll

  1. rkb771

    Question Problem loading dll on Windows 11.

    Simply put, I have a c# code for UI and a native c++ dll for calculation. The dll is compiled for 64-bit with gcc 11.2. I am using MSVS 2022 for the UI. Selected .NET version is 4.8. The import is done with LoadLibrary, GetProcessAdress and Delegate. The c++ functions are exported as, extern...
  2. A

    Question Unable to Import C++ Function in C# using Digital Mars compiler but not using VS 2012

    The following simple C++ program is compiled using Digital Mars (v 8.57) and also using Visual Studio 2012 Empty C++ project type (build target 86). When I try to import the functions in a C# program, the application crashes reading the Digital Mars version but works fine using the VS version...
  3. R

    DllImport - Method's Type signature is not PInvoke compatible

    I've been provided a C++ DLL that needs to be referenced in my C# project. The closest I've come to using that DLL yields an exception: "Method's Type signature is not PInvoke compatible." This is a simple DLL in that there is only a single method with a single input object and single...
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