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    Question How to write non-ascii characters on maskedTextBox?

    I'm using TripleDESCryptoService and I keep the encrypted text in byte[]. I want to display this on a textBox. So I choose AsciiOnly = False for maskedTextBox. Now I copy a non-ascii character and paste it on maskedTextBox and there is no problem. But when I do it in code it fails. Example text...
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    Question Fetch the Encoding type of a file

    Hi, Was trying to find the encoding type of a file like unicode, utf8, utf8 with BOM, ANSI etc. I was able to find all the encoding type but ANSI(Encoding.Default/Windows- 1252). I am not able to differentiate ANSI and UTF8. Tried different custom class like (Ude, TextFileEncodingDetector etc)...
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