visual studio 2013

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    Reading the text file and calling from menu

    HI Friends, I am trying to call the windows forms through menu strip. In menu strip items i have written the following code which reads a text file "rep_path.txt". the text file contains only line d:\\reports\\ private void SALEPRODToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {...
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    Problem in calling crystal report using selection formula with dates

    Hi I am trying to call crystal report from c# using a button click. In the form I have two datetimepicker controls named DT1 , DT2. I have used the following code in button. crpt is the crystal report conrtrol. pur_ord_vw is the view in database. UserId = "sa"; Password = "gms123"...
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    Question Logic need to create a side project

    Hi All, I have recently started learning C# and thought of a little side project to practice. Hence, i need a logic to approach the programming bit. If you can guide me through my first project, I'll really appreciate it. The exciting bit! I want to create a windows application that when it's...
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